R.A.W. Punzel Extensions -Waves for My Babes (22 - 40")

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Here's the R.A.W. Hair Mafia favorite in longer lengths! If you love Waves for the Babes or want to try them but have to go long, this is where you'll find lengths all the way up to 40 inches*. 


Why you'll LOVE R.A.W. Punzel Waves for the Babes:

· Sourced from India

· 100% raw unprocessed hair with cuticles intact and in the same direction

· Ethically sourced from Indian temple

· Hair from a single donor

· Waves for the Babes is easy to maintain, holds curls well, and goes bone straight.

· ALWAYS 100% Chemical free

· Has natural tapered ends and is thick from root to tip.

· R.A.W. Custom wefts that are thin, flat, and double reinforced to allows for flatter and undetectable installations. 

· NO synthetic fibers or silicone

· Natural hair color

· Returns back to its natural wave pattern after thermal styling. Just shampoo it.

· Can be colored or bleached

· NO tangling and very minimal to no shedding when properly taken care of.

· Lifespan of up to 5 years with proper care

· Bundle weight: 3.5 ounces/ 100g per bundle

· Blends seamlessly with multiple hair types or textures.

· Available in lengths from 22 to 40 inches*

R.A.W. Hair Mafia Notes

Looking for shorter lengths? You can find them in our R.A.W. Classic Extensions


For your convenience, our Rich & Whole Haircare is used on all bundles prior to packaging and shipping so that you can install your extensions upon arrival.


Due to our extensions being raw unprocessed single donor hair, the wave pattern may vary from bundle to bundle. When placing your order, we suggest purchasing your complete set in one transaction. 

The price advertised is for one bundle. This is not a R.A.W. Bespoke Wig.


*Lengths 30-40 inches are available pre-order. Please allow up to 7 business days to receive your order after your payment has cleared.