Welcome to The R.A.W. Hair Annex!

We specialize in providing raw single donor Indian temple remy hair extensions, closures, frontals, custom wigs, professional hot tools, silk couture wraps, and mink eyelashes. Shop our online catalog to view the different textures, lengths, and styles available. We are honored that you chose R.A.W. to bring you a versatile, unique, and organic online shopping experience.


About R.A.W.

The R.A.W. Hair Annex is an online specialty hair extension retailer and salon based in Phoenix, Arizona offering luxury extensions and haircare products with exceptional customer service.

We not only provide extension services but we take great care of the hair that is underneath. We understand that getting extensions may be a necessity due to health or hormonal circumstances. This is why we take our services seriously and treat every client with respect. 

The inspiration for The R.A.W. Hair Annex came from the owners personal battle with hair loss from Leukemia after doing 2.5 years of intensive chemotherapy. However, in the late 90s the options for wigs and extensions were not as high quality as they are now. So, she wore silk scarves to cover her head; she has also dealt with different scalp disorders from a myriad of chemicals in shampoos and conditioners. So, she became a cosmetologist in 2008. Her goal was, and is, improving the quality of haircare for those suffering from hair loss due to medical reasons and scalp disorders from the chemicals in haircare products. This is how The R.A.W. Hair Annex was born in 2017.

The owner has not only mastered the art of extensions in the cosmetology world but she has learned about the raw Indian temple remy world as well. All of our extensions are ethically sourced from India and all of our closures and frontals are handtied. She also creates bespoke hairpieces and customized parts and hairlines through a process known a lace ventilation or knotting. This process provides a natural look to any wig. She also creates all of the wigs herself so they are fully tailored. R.A.W. also offers easy to maintain alternatives to wigs.

R.A.W. aims to not only grow your hair but keep your scalp healthy and retain length while rocking creative extensions and wigs. So come join The R.A.W. Hair Mafia and see what the Rich & Whole (R.A.W.) life is all about!