Virgin, Raw & Remy: What does it mean?

Virgin, Raw & Remy: What does it mean?

  • 28 Mar 2021
  • rawhairannex Admin


Many people have debated about the words virgin, raw, and remy regarding hair of all types for years and many people, believe it or not, still do not understand what the words virgin, raw, and remy mean in the hair extension world. Fortunate for the readers of In the R.A.W. World hair blog, we give you the uncut truth about anything hair related. So not only will the words virgin, raw, and remy be defined but the tale-tale signs of processed hair extensions will also be revealed.

So, we are sure you have seen, purchased, or even installed different types of hair extension brands and textures. Did you ever notice how shiny and smooth the hair was in the beginning? How uniform the curls were? How every wave in the hair bundle was perfect? If so, then great! You have seen what chemically processed, steamed, or permed hair looks like.

As hair extension wearers, most of us have been trained to believe that those types of hair extensions are raw or raw virgin (side note: raw virgin doesn’t exist). When the truth is that the hair is not raw because it has been altered by a process. Whether the process is chemical or steam, once this process is used to give a perfect curl, wave, or straight texture; the cuticle of the hair strand is forever changed. Sometimes the change can be so drastic that the natural shine is reduced or even nonexistent because the process used to alter the natural hair damages the cuticle of the hair. To replace the shine, a silicone based coating is placed on the hair to restore a temporary shine, smooth, and sleek appearance. This silicone coating is great until it wears off, you need to color your hair, or would like to go blonde.

Now don’t misunderstand, the hair is still considered virgin and it is fine to wear it just isn’t raw. Raw hair is the exact opposite.

Raw hair does not have a uniform curl or wave pattern nor is it bone straight (side note: an example of different regional raw hair is indian raw hair isn’t bone straight but Vietnamese is). Raw hair also maintains its own shine that is like a natural unprocessed head of hair regardless of shampooing or styling and can withstand being colored or bleached. However, raw hair behaves exactly how it behaved on the donor’s head. So it needs to be paired with textures and patterns that are similar to each other when creating a wig or preparing for an install. 

As for the word remy, it simply means that the cuticles on the hair strand are all going in the same direction also known as unidirectional thus eliminating tangled or matted hair.

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