RAW Facts are a Mouthful

RAW Facts are a Mouthful

  • 28 Mar 2021
  • rawhairannex Admin

Have you ever wondered what single donor raw indian temple remy meant? Well R.A.W. is here to help. 

We know it sounds like a mouthful but let us brake it down one time. 

  • Single donor means that the hair comes from one single person and is not mixed with any other hair.

  • Raw means that the hair is in its natural state and has not had any chemical or steam processing done to it. Just a shampoo and conditioning treatment along with sanitizing for safe wear as extensions or in a wig.

We know we have gone over what remy means in the past so if you’re part of the R.A.W. Mafia you are very well versed on this part. However, if you are not no probs hunny we are going to get you up to speed. So here we go...

  • Remy means that all of the cuticle is aligned and in the same direction (unidirectional) which reduces tangling and matting.

Lastly, the word “temple” has to do with where the hair is sourced. Indian temple remy is sourced from the temples in India through a method called tonsuring.

  • Tonsuring is a religious practice where Indian women willingly have their hair cut from their scalp as an offering to the Gods. (See picture below)

One of the Gods is Vishnu (Google the God Vishnu it is interesting info). The temples collect the hair being careful not to mix it and keeping it in the direction in which it grows (root to tip) then the hair is sold. 

Hope you enjoyed this read and maybe you learned something new. Please leave your comments below and remember to subscribe.  

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